Avoid Unwanted Calls With Phone Number Tracing

Have you ever gotten a call at an inconvenient time from a number that was completely unknown to you? Did you answer and only hear dead air? Or maybe a recording? These annoying calls are nothing but spam. Luckily, you can cut down on the amount of unwanted calls you receive by using a phone number tracing app.

Unwanted Calls

Unknown and unwanted  calls can come in many forms, the most annoying of which is the automated call. You may receive 10 calls in a row from the same number and have your voicemail box flooded with offers of free medical alert systems or vacation offers.

There are ways that you can avoid these types of calls though. The best way to do so is to register your number in the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry. Once your number has been on the list for 30 days telemarketers are no longer allowed to call you unless you’ve explicitly stated that they could.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t block all spam calls. You’ll still receive charity, political, and survey calls. However, if you’re on the Do Not Call Registry and you get a call from a telemarketer you can report it to the FTC and they will fine the company that called you.

Phone Number Tracing Apps

Another way in which you can cut down on the amount of annoying calls you receive is by downloading a free phone trace on iPhone. These apps will help you sort through which phone number you should call back, and which ones you should avoid.

Many of these apps also come with spam call blocking and incoming call caller ID. Meaning that they will block calls from numbers associated with spam from ringing your phone, and they will automatically identify incoming unknown calls when possible.

The less you answer these annoying calls, the fewer you will receive.


Must Have Apps For iPhone Users

With the news about the new iPhones coming out, everyone is buzzing about the launch this fall. With cool new features these two phones seem like a big change from previous iPhones. Will you end up staying with your old iPhone or upgrade to one of the new ones? Regardless, of what you do here are some of the must have apps that every iPhone user should have on their phone. Including dating apps, time management apps, and caller ID apps.

Password Apps

After so many data breaches you shouldn’t be using weak passwords, or all of the same passwords. Make sure to download and use a password app to help you keep track of your passwords and automatically generate passwords that are strong. A few good options are Lastpasss, Dashlane, and 1Password.

Dating Apps

If you’re single and looking to date you need to have dating apps on your phone. Not having them puts you at a disadvantage and really reduces the dating pool for you. Plus, if you’re moving to a new city these types of apps can be great for making new friends. Some like Bumble even have a BFF feature that lets you look for people in your area that want to make new friends too, which is especially great if you’re moving to a new city or traveling for an extended period of time. The best options are Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge in my opinion.

Caller ID Apps

If you receive a lot of calls from unknown numbers you need to have a iPhone caller ID app. Not only will these apps save you time in deciding who to call back, but they also have features to block calls from known spam numbers. If you get a lot of annoying or unknown calls you should check out Truecaller, CallerSmart, or Hiya.

Ride Share and Map Apps

The best way to get around today is via ride share, like Uber or Lyft, these services are economical and reliable for the most part. Pair this with map apps like Waze, Google Maps, or Moovit (for public transportation) and you’ll be getting where you need to be in no time.


Online Dating Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Online Dating

Everybody is using online dating nowadays, and if you aren’t your putting your single self at a disadvantage! Whether you prefer the popular apps like Tinder or Bumble, or you like sites like Plenty of Fish or Match.com, there is a something and someone out there for everyone. To make sure you get the most out of online dating we’ll go over the basics and how you can stay safe by using reverse phone lookup apps and meeting in public.

Getting Started

Maybe you’re newly single or single for a while, whatever the case, you should try out online dating. Using these apps and sites will get you in the right mindset for meeting new people and dating. How do you choose which site is the best for you though?

Well if you’re a busy person Tinder is a good option. You’ll be able to meet singles in your area, chat, and maybe even meet IRL. Bumble is another good option, however, your matches will expire after a certain time period. This can be annoying if you get tied up with something and aren’t able to connect in time.

Both Tinder and Bumble have premium options, which you can pay extra for, otherwise they are free. Match.com and eHarmony are two sites that require paid memberships to use. They may be good options if you’re more serious about finding “the one” because they ask a number of questions and match you with like-minded people.

Staying Safe

Safety is important with online dating, after all you really have no idea who you’re meeting. Keep these things in mind when chatting with singles and planning your date.

Don’t Overshare Personal Information

Don’t tell someone you’ve just met the exact location of where you live or work. Make sure you don’t share overly personal information, or any sort of financial information.

Verify Their Identity

Make sure the person you’re talking is who they say they are. If you have their phone number you can trace the phone number to verify their identity. Try this white pages app on iPhone that Buzzfeed called “turnt up caller ID” in their “11 Things To Do Before You Start Online Dating“.

Meet In A Public Place

Always meet in a public place on the first date, be sure to take your own car, public transportation, or ride share/taxi service to the date. Never have your date pick you up at your house.

Have Fun

There will definitely be some bad dates, but there will also be good ones. Don’t be discouraged! Take extra precautions to stay safe and if you ever feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to leave a date.


Identify And Locate A Caller With A Phone Number Tracer

Have you ever used a phone number tracer? Do you know they exist? Today, we’ll teach you how easily you can do it.

Phone Number Tracers

There are lots of means on how to trace the whereabouts of a person – and one of the best ways to do this is to trace a phone number of that person. But is this really feasible? Can you really trace a phone number and know where his or her current location is?iPhone cell phone trace app

Using Tracing Apps

There are many different variations of iPhone cell phone trace app available in the App Store for download.  These apps will allow you to trace a phone number without the person knowing that you are tracing him or her. Some of these apps are available for free, while others require purchase.

Old Way Of Tracing Phone Numbers

If you don’t feel like downloading an app, then you can trace a number using a more traditional method. To do this you can search Google for more information on the number that called you. This often means going through multiple pages of search results to try and find the right listing.

Tracing A Phone By Area Code

You can trace a number via its area code. The area code is the first three digits of a 10-digit phone number. These three digits will help you pinpoint the location of the caller. You can find more information by also searching the area code plus the exchange. The area code and exchange are the first 6-digits of a 10-digit phone number. The exchange will show you which central office the phone number is associated with.

You’ll be able to see information such as what carrier the phone number is on and what type of line it is (landline, mobile, or VoIP).

Pros And Cons Of Using A Phone Tracing App

There are several pros and cons to using a phone tracing app. The cons are as follows:

  • Not all results are free. You might need to pay for premium services.
  • You need to create an account. Typically you will need to create an account with a phone tracing app to use it’s services.
  • Results aren’t guaranteed. Sometimes no matter how good the database is some phone numbers remain unidentified.

The pros of using a phone tracing app compared to just Googling a number:

  • Easy-to-use. Instead of having to go through pages and pages of search results you’ll immediately be directed to the correct listing.
  • More detailed results. The listing information you find in a phone tracing app is usually much more detailed than what you’ll find by just Googling the number.
  • Community support. Most phone tracing apps rely not only on their databases but their users too to make sure that all listings are up-to-date and full of information.


The Best Way To Find Information About A Phone Number

Ever wondered how to find information about a phone number? Today, we’ll discuss ways how you can easily do it.

What Is A People Search?

There are a number of different services that you can use to conduct a people search online. With a little diligence, it isn’t difficult to find information about ancestors, co-workers, family members, love interests, and friends. white pages iPhone caller ID app

How To Find Information About A Phone Number

The first and most important step in conducting a people search is to determine the kind of information you are looking for. Looking for contact information can be easy. One of the best ways to find the information is by using a white pages iPhone caller ID app. To use this type of service you need to have a phone number, this won’t work if you want to find more information about a person but only have a name or email.

Finding Information Without A Phone Number

In order to run a background report or find more detailed information about a person online you will need some information to start off with. It’s important to have the person’s first and last name, an address that they might be associated with, have an idea of their age. Without these important points of information you won’t be able to differentiate the person you’re looking up information on from others with the same name.

How To Get The Address Of A Person

Some online white pages will allow you to search for a person by name. This will then allow you to find an address and phone number that can be associated with the person. Once you feel that you’ve found the correct person, you can move to the next step.

To gather more information you can then use a trusted background check service. This will provide you with information such as age, address, criminal record, employment record, etc. You can also try to dig some more information on your own by searching the person on social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



Using A Phone Number Tracker For iPhone

Having a way to trace unknown callers on your iPhone is very important. Parents will frequently use them to keep tabs on who their kids are talking to. If you’re dating someone and you think they might be cheating on you, you might also want to check who they are talking to. One unlikely user of phone number trackers are employers. A number tracker will allow an employer to make sure their employees aren’t having personal convos while at work.

Business Is Business

Poor customer service and low productivity can kill any business. This is why business owners need to monitor who their employees are talking to while they’re on the clock. Having hour long phone conversations with their friends, significant others, and family members isn’t productive. A good business leader will make sure that there employees are providing the best customer service possible and that they’re being productive.

Measuring Success

For a business to be successful, it is important for the staff members to be productive and accomplish their goals.  A phone tracker allows you to see who your employees are talking to and where the calls are coming from. This will also help in identifying who your customers are when they are calling into your work.

The phone tracer will allow you to see which employees are taking the most calls and being the most productive.

Phone Number Tracker

Using a phone tracker will change the way your employees deal with their tasks. Using a phone number tracker whether it’s on their desk handset or on their company-issued iPhone will help your employees stay on track and reach their goals. Knowing that their calls are being traced will prevent employees from taking long personal calls and help them focus on their work.

You’ll see increased productivity and better customer service coming from your employees, which means more success for your company.



Caller ID For iPhone: The Best Cell Phone Number Lookup App

Did you know there’s caller ID for iPhone? There are several different companies offering this option, we’ll go over which are the best and what they can do for you.

When your phone rings and you pick it up, chances are that you check the caller ID first to see who it is. The person’s name will be displayed on the screen if they’re in your contacts list. If the number isn’t in your contact list you might think twice before answering it. Who could it be?iPhone caller ID app

Caller ID For iPhone

Caller ID was a revolutionary invention. It lets us see who’s calling us even before we pick up the call. However, there’s a problem with iPhone’s caller ID. It doesn’t exist. Unless the number is in your contacts list, your iPhone won’t identify it.  The problem is you need to know who is on the other end of a call regardless of whether or not they are in your contacts list. If you have an iPhone you can’t ID the number without a caller ID app.

What Are The Best Apps?

Luckily, you have a lot of options when it comes to an iPhone caller ID app. Some of the most popular apps for reverse phone lookups are Truecaller, Hiya, CallerSmart, and Who’s Calling?. All of these apps are great options and will help you identify unknown phone numbers.

Sometimes it might just be someone with the wrong number that’s calling you, but a lot of times it will be a scammer. These apps will help you avoid these annoying calls and will even block spam numbers from calling you.

So what are you waiting for?! Download these apps and try them out now.


Caller ID Apps That Will Keep Your iPhone Safe

Have you ever used a caller ID app? They could save you from becoming a victim of a phone scam!

You might be thinking that you’re too smart to fall for a scam, but think again. Millions of Americans lose billions of dollars each year to phone scammers. There are so many different scams that it’s impossible to know each one. You can identify the scammer’s number with a phone lookup app . In addition, there are a few other ways which you can keep your personal info safe, read on to learn more.

Caller ID Apps

Phone scammers often pose as support technicians, debt collectors, IRS agents, police, charity workers, and credit card companies among others in order to steal your personal information. These calls can be very believable and the scammer may use caller ID spoofing to make it seem like they are calling from a certain organization. You should consider installing a iPhone number tracer app to protect yourself. These free apps show user feedback on scam phone numbers.

Find My iPhone

Every Apple device is equipped with Find My iPhone (or iPad, iPod, Mac – depending on what your device is). If you ever lose your phone this feature will save you a lot of time and worry. Find My iPhone allows you to search for your lost or stolen iPhone and see the exact location of it. If you can’t recover your iPhone you can at least wipe it’s information remotely using this feature. This way a robber won’t be able to steal any important information that you might have on your phone. It will even make it so that if your iPhone was stolen the person who took it from you won’t be able to use it. It will basically turn your phone into a brick.

Android users should check out the video below to see how they can protect themselves.


How To Identify Unknown Callers And Other Tips

Do you know how to identify unknown callers on your iPhone? You can do so easily now thanks cell phone lookups.

We all make mistakes. However, when it comes to smartphones a simple mistake can cause loss of privacy, data corruption, loss of sensitive banking information, or even hardware damage. white pages iPhone caller id appFrom opening a suspicious mail to trusting an tech support scammer, these mistakes have the power to take devastate you financially. The sad part is that these mistakes are completely avoidable. By certain calls you can actually prevent these problems from ever occurring. To help you keep your data and your smartphone safe, here’s our list of 5 smartphone mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Giving Information To Unsolicited Callers

Cyber-criminals often impersonate trusted individuals via phone and prey on unsuspecting victims. They are out to get your data or to remotely access your cell phone using malware. Install a white pages iPhone caller id app and verify your callers identity before answering an unknown caller.

Not Using A Proper Phone Lock

When it comes to locking your phone, an alphanumeric or numeric lock is far better than a pattern lock. This is because a pattern can easily be remembered by a passerby. A proper phone lock keeps your phone’s data protected in case your phone gets stolen or misplaced.

Installing A Poorly Rated App

It’s a good practice to check out the user ratings before downloading any app. There are several apps that are plagued with bugs which can lead to slowdowns and overall poor performance. User ratings can give you a proper idea about an app and prevent you from downloading a potentially dangerous one.

Keeping The Bluetooth On

An open Bluetooth connection exposes your phone to a world of threat. Known as bluejacking or bluebugging, hackers can gain access to your phone using the open Bluetooth network. They can transfer data or even corrupt your system without you even knowing about it. This is why you should always switch off the Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

Clicking On Random Links

Some people have the habit of tapping on any link they can lay their eyes on. While most of the times these links are relatively harmless some links are designed to be baits for phishing attacks. The best way to keep your phone safe from these attacks is by not clicking on any unrecognized links.



How To Block Text Messages On Your iPhone

Want to learn how to block texts on your iPhone? It’s really easy and we’ll teach you how to block these annoying texters in this article.

Sending and receiving texts on your iPhone is really convenient, but what if you are not happy with the messages you are receiving? If you are being harassed through text or simply want to stop receiving messages from a certain person, there are ways you can block them, either temporarily or permanently.block texts on your iPhone

Here are the different ways to block texts on your iPhone.

Blocking Old Contacts

If you want to block someone for any reason, you can do so by accessing the Settings option of your iPhone. From there, go to Phone, choose Blocked and finally click on Add New. You can add as many annoying contacts as you want to the list.

Blocking New Contacts

Say someone sent you an SMS or phone call recently and you want to block texts on your iPhone. You can do this directly by going to Messages and clicking the message from the contact you want to block. Click on the Contact icon and choose Info. You will be given several options on the screen so click Block this Caller and any calls or texts to your phone will automatically be blocked.

How To Stop The Harassment

Hopefully, the fact that you don’t respond back to the person will give them the hint that you don’t want to hear from them. However, sometimes this might not be the case for some people. If you continue to be contacted by someone you don’t want to talk to you should contact local authorities. Your local police will be able to help you.

Be sure to take screenshots of any abusive text messages that your harasser may have sent you.