Avoid Unwanted Calls With Phone Number Tracing

Have you ever gotten a call at an inconvenient time from a number that was completely unknown to you? Did you answer and only hear dead air? Or maybe a recording? These annoying calls are nothing but spam. Luckily, you can cut down on the amount of unwanted calls you receive by using a phone number tracing app.

Unwanted Calls

Unknown and unwanted  calls can come in many forms, the most annoying of which is the automated call. You may receive 10 calls in a row from the same number and have your voicemail box flooded with offers of free medical alert systems or vacation offers.

There are ways that you can avoid these types of calls though. The best way to do so is to register your number in the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry. Once your number has been on the list for 30 days telemarketers are no longer allowed to call you unless you’ve explicitly stated that they could.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t block all spam calls. You’ll still receive charity, political, and survey calls. However, if you’re on the Do Not Call Registry and you get a call from a telemarketer you can report it to the FTC and they will fine the company that called you.

Phone Number Tracing Apps

Another way in which you can cut down on the amount of annoying calls you receive is by downloading a free phone trace on iPhone. These apps will help you sort through which phone number you should call back, and which ones you should avoid.

Many of these apps also come with spam call blocking and incoming call caller ID. Meaning that they will block calls from numbers associated with spam from ringing your phone, and they will automatically identify incoming unknown calls when possible.

The less you answer these annoying calls, the fewer you will receive.