How To Block Text Messages On Your iPhone

Want to learn how to block texts on your iPhone? It’s really easy and we’ll teach you how to block these annoying texters in this article.

Sending and receiving texts on your iPhone is really convenient, but what if you are not happy with the messages you are receiving? If you are being harassed through text or simply want to stop receiving messages from a certain person, there are ways you can block them, either temporarily or permanently.block texts on your iPhone

Here are the different ways to block texts on your iPhone.

Blocking Old Contacts

If you want to block someone for any reason, you can do so by accessing the Settings option of your iPhone. From there, go to Phone, choose Blocked and finally click on Add New. You can add as many annoying contacts as you want to the list.

Blocking New Contacts

Say someone sent you an SMS or phone call recently and you want to block texts on your iPhone. You can do this directly by going to Messages and clicking the message from the contact you want to block. Click on the Contact icon and choose Info. You will be given several options on the screen so click Block this Caller and any calls or texts to your phone will automatically be blocked.

How To Stop The Harassment

Hopefully, the fact that you don’t respond back to the person will give them the hint that you don’t want to hear from them. However, sometimes this might not be the case for some people. If you continue to be contacted by someone you don’t want to talk to you should contact local authorities. Your local police will be able to help you.

Be sure to take screenshots of any abusive text messages that your harasser may have sent you.