How To Identify Unknown Callers And Other Tips

Do you know how to identify unknown callers on your iPhone? You can do so easily now thanks cell phone lookups.

We all make mistakes. However, when it comes to smartphones a simple mistake can cause loss of privacy, data corruption, loss of sensitive banking information, or even hardware damage. white pages iPhone caller id appFrom opening a suspicious mail to trusting an tech support scammer, these mistakes have the power to take devastate you financially. The sad part is that these mistakes are completely avoidable. By certain calls you can actually prevent these problems from ever occurring. To help you keep your data and your smartphone safe, here’s our list of 5 smartphone mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Giving Information To Unsolicited Callers

Cyber-criminals often impersonate trusted individuals via phone and prey on unsuspecting victims. They are out to get your data or to remotely access your cell phone using malware. Install a white pages iPhone caller id app and verify your callers identity before answering an unknown caller.

Not Using A Proper Phone Lock

When it comes to locking your phone, an alphanumeric or numeric lock is far better than a pattern lock. This is because a pattern can easily be remembered by a passerby. A proper phone lock keeps your phone’s data protected in case your phone gets stolen or misplaced.

Installing A Poorly Rated App

It’s a good practice to check out the user ratings before downloading any app. There are several apps that are plagued with bugs which can lead to slowdowns and overall poor performance. User ratings can give you a proper idea about an app and prevent you from downloading a potentially dangerous one.

Keeping The Bluetooth On

An open Bluetooth connection exposes your phone to a world of threat. Known as bluejacking or bluebugging, hackers can gain access to your phone using the open Bluetooth network. They can transfer data or even corrupt your system without you even knowing about it. This is why you should always switch off the Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

Clicking On Random Links

Some people have the habit of tapping on any link they can lay their eyes on. While most of the times these links are relatively harmless some links are designed to be baits for phishing attacks. The best way to keep your phone safe from these attacks is by not clicking on any unrecognized links.