Top Games for iPhone

iPhone games

The Apple library has more than one million apps that can be downloaded to your iPhone. Users download apps for every part of their lives. You may choose a financial app, reverse number lookup app, apps for star gazing, watching your weight, calendars, and countless others. Apple corners the market when it comes to finding the latest games, regardless of age and skill level. Apps developed for Android are showing up in the Apple store for iPhone, so be sure to check for your favorite games. Some apps can be used online or offline.

Following are some of the most popular games on the market:

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

You can take charge of the Order of Assassins in Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, a role playing game (RPG). The leader collects heroes and strengthens the Brotherhood to fight against the Templar menace. You can also get into Templar Strongholds, and join other Assassin Brotherhoods in events.


Bastion wins awards for its intuitive, stunning graphics and cool soundtrack. This RPG game allows you to adopt the role of the Kid as you travel across floating islands, rescuing people and gathering resources to rebuild a world devastated by Calamity.

Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Updated for iPhone, Crush the Castle: Siege Master is a classic Flash game. Crush the Castle: Siege Master is an upgraded version of its predecessor with new graphics and fun characters. Best of all – it’s free.

Grow Empire: Rome

This tower defense game has RPG elements that allows you to be the overlord of Roman soldiers.

Hyper Light Drifter

This award-winning console game has moved to iOS. You assume the role as the Drifter, searching for a cure to a mystery illness. Throughout your journey you get to have some shooting and slash-em-up fun.

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters offers the next best thing to the full Pokémon world. Players drop onto the island of Pasio, where they assemble a team Pokémon to face famous Trainers. The game can be played solo or as a co-op.

SongPop 2

Not everyone like RPG so SongPop 2 is a nice change. You can choose your favorite genres and decades to compete with others on a global scale. It’s a mobile version of the old classic “Name that Tune.”

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Can’t get enough of Stranger Things? You’re not alone, and now you can get your Stranger Things fix while on your mobile with the official puzzle game tie-in Stranger Things 3: The Game. Play as one of the 12 characters from the show and solve puzzles in a charming, retro-styled world in this adventure game, and team up with your friends in two-player local co-op.

Toy Story Drop!

Everyone loves Toy Story. Toy Story Drop! is a match-3 game that takes you places in the movies including Andy’s bedroom and Pizza Planet. Additionally, there are lots of Easter eggs to find to make it extra fun.


No matter what type of games you like, chances are that you will find them at the Apple store for your iPhone. Many are free or have a low cost so everyone can play.

Pamela M